What’s Your Money Personality Type ?

  • After getting paid, in which order do you spend your money?

    • Save/Invest, Pay bill, Buy things I want, No debts
    • uy things I want, Pay bills, Debts can wait, What’s savings?
    • Buy things I want, Pay bills, Pay debts, Save/Invest
    • Pay bills, Save/Invest, No debts, Buy things I want
  • You’re due for an upgrade on your phone. Your current one still works but you’ve had an eye on a newer version. You decide to…

    • Get the upgrade… after all, you’ve had the old phone for so long and the new one looks awesome.
    • Keep the old phone as long as you can — every month you put off the upgrade, you’re saving money towards a new phone.
    • Yep Upgrade me! I guess I could sell my old phone if I have to.
    • I knew I was due for an upgrade but my phone still works well. I will upgrade, but not right now.
  • It’s time to go grocery shopping. Do you:

    • Write a carefully constructed grocery list and price compare different stores
    • Go to the nearest store with a general idea of what you need…you’ll figure it out when you get there.
    • Buy what’s on sale…you can get creative with recipes!
    • Who has time to grocery shop? Or to cook? Order in instead!
  • Congratulations– you got a bonus at work! What do you do with the money?

    • Pay off any debts first then put towards saving/investments.
    • Splurge on a night out or new outfit to celebrate.
    • Straight to the retirement fund.
    • Go shopping or plan a holiday — it’s well deserved!
  • You’ve decided to stick to your resolutions this year and get into better shape. You…

    • Sign up at the closest gym to your home or office so there’s a chance you’ll actually go.
    • Kick off your plan with new workout clothes from the mall for extra motivation.
    • Who needs to pay to work out? I can exercise outside or at home for free!
    • Do your research — take advantage of free trial weeks and search for the lowest monthly rates in the area.
  • Your friend’s birthday is coming up and you’re low on cash. You decide to…

    • Make them something homemade…a DIY gift is thoughtful!
    • Buy them an expensive present you know they’d like…you’ll figure out a way to pay it off later.
    • Organize a group gift with your friends — that way you can all split the cost!
    • Take them out for a coffee or a drink — it’s the remembering that counts, and we get to spend some time together.
  • Your friends are planning a dinner out but you’re dangerously close to exceeding your budget for the month, do you:

    • Luckily I have some fun money set aside for these type of occasions.
    • Ask a friend if they can pick up your tab — you’ll get them back next time!
    • What do you mean ‘budget’? If everyone’s going out, I want to be there – I’ll just fill up on bread and order something cheap if I’m short on funds this week.
    • Decline, send my apologies and offer to host a dinner party next time instead.
  • You find the perfect home, but the rent is way out of your price range. Do you:

    • Look for a roommate to split all the costs with.
    • Sign the lease anyway and hope for a raise.
    • Keep looking, expanding your search to cheaper areas or smaller places– a nice place isn’t worth going broke over.
    • You love it too much to let it go, so you take on a part-time job to make up the difference.
  • A new bill arrives, do you….

    • Avoid looking at it, your afraid to know how much it is.
    • Pay it immediately, you’ve been planning for it anyway.
    • Work out who you can borrow money from to pay it.
    • You go with the flow and pay what you owe.
  • Your child is BEGGING for a new toy he saw somewhere, and he’s been a really big help lately. But it’s over $100. You…

    • Tell him he’ll have to wait until his birthday or put it on his Christmas list — let Santa deal with it!
    • Help him count what’s in his piggybank and encourage him to save up the rest to buy it for himself.
    • Just put it on the credit card. He’ll love it so much, and he’s only this age once — it’s worth splurging for even if it’s more than you can afford right now.
    • Tell him it’s too expensive, but you can’t deny him. You’ll take a few extra shifts at work if it comes to that.

Written by ZeluPlus


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